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08-29-2011, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by Fletch246
So in this time of multiple Tac Teams is APB really that much better?

Tac debuffs are still removed by Tac Team right?
That's where my point about "especially for very hard spike damage" comes in. You can expect your beta to be cleared sometime through it's duration if you are playing against a skilled team. Where beta comes in nowadays is in delivering massive burst. The goal is to kill your target quickly, before he gets a tactical team.

Again, beta is just a tool. It is not "better than omega", it's just different. In fact, I'll typically take an APO1 before I take a beta as the movement buff and immunity is essential. The difference between APO3 and APB3 is that APB3 actually still fits into a couple of builds, while APO3 hasn't made any sense to take since Fawscorts became nonviable.

Originally Posted by DreadP1r4te View Post
which means that his build would now have a very useless Cmdr level tactical ability while I constantly rotate my 2 tactical teams.
Well, if it were me on my one toon who uses ABP3 you would be stunned and SNBed if needed, followed quickly by two beam overloads and a HYT. Tactical team would be a non-factor, which is kind of the point :p

That being said, so what? A lot of escorts run 2x tac team. A lot of science ships and cruisers don't run any. Against a good team you shouldn't expect a beta to last the full 15 seconds, but it will still contribute to the DPS of you and your team while it is up. Beta isn't as good as it used to be, obviously, but is still better than slotting in FAW or BO for a rear firing single beam bank!