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I could be wrong (none of the sources at my immediate disposal are very clear), but I believe that from a canon perspective, plasma torpedoes are just balls of plasma energy being held in place by a sort of force field or casing and not actual torpedoes like Photons and Quantums. If shooting it even were to have an effect, it would just cause the plasma to dissipate and not explode (the information sources I read state that the primary damage of a Plasma torpedo is caused by the plasma enveloping the target, causing an implosion, not by warhead detonation).
Plasma would not simply dissipate due to conservation of matter -- it has to go somewhere once the magnetic envelope holding it together is breached. Think of it like a balloon... once it pops, its contents will be ejected in all directions due to its high density plasma being suddenly being released in the vacuum of space. This would still result in small radius plasma torpedo explosion, probably with diminished damage.

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As to the Tricobalt Device, it's not entirely clear how this device functions, so it's uncertain what effect shooting it would have. Also, if you add in the potential for a "friendly fire" explosion, you run into major problems with other AoE effects like FAW hitting the device as soon as it leaves the launch tube. TCDs are already very situational in PvP, this would hinder them even further.


Torpedoes could potentially be selective, using shield modulation, warhead programming, shaped charges, or a number of other possibilities. But even if that isn't the case, if you're going to argue that Torpedoes could potentially hit the user or friendly targets, then you'd also have to argue that every AoE power in the game could potentially do the same. Why would Torpedoes be subject to friendly fire but not Gravity Well? I can't think of very many MMOs where AoE attacks strike friendly targets except in very special circumstances.
The friendly fire-suggestion was just a means of discouraging point-blank torpedo shots, but you are correct, this could cause game damage logistics issues. TCD's could still be launched at point blank range, and any weapon fire causing immediate detonation would still result in the energy weapon-shooting ship being caught in the TCD's blast radius. If anything, this would strengthen the TCD now that shooting it down does not provide complete safety from its AoE burst effect.

Originally Posted by ShinobiDragoon View Post
I'm not certain on how to argue Torpedo range. In canon, torpedoes generally have longer range than energy weapons (a Mk XXV Photon Torpedo has a tactical range of 4.05 million km, a phaser array has a maximum tactical range of 300 thousand km). However, Plasma torpedoes in particular are stated to have very short range before they dissipate. In the end, I think this would have to remain as-is to preserve balance (anything other than Photon, Quantum, and Tricobalt already tend to be seen as too weak for general use). Besides, if the Torpedo has already traveled 10km, why haven't you already shot it down?
The suggested 10km range was made to allow torpedo warheads to eventually detonate instead of simply vanishing. After all, each torpedo is armed with an active warhead. These do not simply vanish unless disarmed.

Anyway, TY for contributing to this thread... you definitely raised some valid points.