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08-29-2011, 08:34 PM
A Romulan captain once defeated two ships without firing a single energy shot at either ships. He defeated them using a photonic shockwave. So how did he create this shockwave? He fired a torpedo between the two ships and then detonated it by shooting it with an energy blast. (cookie to whoever guesses what series, episode, and person to state this correctly)

I think it's a valid tactic and would add a little more dynamic to torpedo weapons. If anyone has played Unreal Tournement, they would be familiar with the Shock Rifle. Basically, it had 2 firing modes; it either shot an energy beam normally or a charged energy ball as its secondary attack. But you know you could fire the energy ball at someone and right as it got near them, you could shoot it with the energy beam and make it explode, in case they tried to dodge it. The same principle could work in this game as well.

In this game, it would be a 3rd torpedo option. Call it...Shockwave Torpedo (for lack of better name). It functions just as the Photonic Shockwave skill works now. Upon detonation, creates a photonic shockwave that disables ANY ship for 2 sec at Rank 1 (AOE blast range can be improved by Torpedo skills, say up to 1-3 km?). For gamesake purposes, this skill works with all torpedo types.

Sounds good, but such an awesome, overpowered ability must have drawbacks right? Read on.

One, forces you to spend skillpoints into a torpedo skill, unless you are fine with just base AOE range (3km blast radius?). But that's only if you want waste an ability slot to get it (I'm thinking Rank 1 starts at Ensign so other Captains can use atleast Rank 2). That means giving up something you might not want to.

Two, is a dumbfire weapon. Like Torpedo Spread, it does not lock onto the target. So if they move, it will not follow them.

Three, has a TTL (time to live). Once x amount of time has passed, it just disappears. That means in order to initiate the PSW blast, torpedo must be targetted and fired upon. Which brings me to another drawback, the enemy will also be able to lock onto it and shoot it, so it could end up backfiring on you. In order to minimize this, the torpedo will travel at normal torpedo speeds. Also to minimize having it blown up in your own face, the Shockwave torpedo will look like a normal torpedo. So it keeps players on their toes and constantly checking to see if that normal looking torpedo can be targetted or not. Why?

Four, it's target indiscriminate. That means, it will affect friendly ships and the shooter themselves if they are not careful. Since the torpedo does absolutely no damage and only disables ships (minus propulsion systems) it can afford to be that double-edged, tactical skill. And with a semi-large blast radius, you'd have to think about how/when to fire it, unlike just popping HY or TS and firing them as soon as the cooldowns are up. Speaking of cooldowns...

...I'm thinking it would be a semi-medium, to long cooldown (1.5-3min?) to keep it from being spammed to all high hell. If you think about it, long cooldowns could also solve the FAW/SS paradox.

So why choose a PSW torpedo? It's canon :p (it was a Romulan captain so I have to assume it was a plasma torpedo. They never go into detail about topedo type though.) Anyways, I'm just trying to show how this torpedo mechanic can be added into the game and not be overpowered. For fun, use Tractor Beam Repulsors to quickly push it away from your ship and fly it into a nearby Fed/Kling ball and shoot it when within range. Or repulse it/tractor it back at the shooter