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08-29-2011, 09:08 PM
Ok after seeing what is out there and what I know I like, D&D style of RP is what I want and need in this game.
I also want to casual RP like I described in an earlier post but also some cool people to hang around with who love Star Trek as much as me or close to it with an emphasis on D&D style of RP or something like it.

After allot of info and from some really cool people, here is what I have experienced and found; Daedalus Fleet (are head and shoulders... forget that, they are clouds above the rest when it comes to D&D type of RP), 12th Fleet (who have the casual side of RP and cool people locked down), TOS Fleet (who have organization and the LOVING of Star Trek wrapped up!) and Task Force Delta (who have been active allot or at least on when I am on).

Anyone else out there?

Just want to bump this and see if any other groups or just cool people out there who wants to chirp in here. I just want to find the right place for me. I wish it was with my current fleet who I have been with since before beta but they are just not active anymore especially in RP or anything I like to do.

Its not that I don't have enough of wonderful options and people to choose from now, and its not like I wouldn't want to pick any of the options before me. Just want to make sure I research any and all options available to me or any I have not looked into myself. Just for the record, I DID go and look through the forums myself but there is more fleets just into fleet stuff and not RPing and didn't know if there wast anyone who might be starting a D&D type of RP in STO looking through the forums as well trying to find people like myself.

So anywho, bump bump and holla at a player!