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# 293 RI ...w/ extra cheese
08-29-2011, 10:39 PM
The RI is a no-go for me too.
1.) I'm VA, I don't need a piddly little T2.5 or T3 ship sitting in my hanger bay. :p
2.) I drive a cruiser so a Sci-ship only console doesn't send a thrill up my leg.
3.) I'm all for extra Boff stations and consoles, but making a C-Store ship that has more than it 'should' is just wrong. Was this how the RI was going to be before Perfect Worlds bought Cryptic?

Oh wait... I hate grinding crap out... YAY, put more uber-stuff in the C-Store!
(Can I get a refund on my Gal-X? No uber-ness yet it cost me $25.)