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08-29-2011, 10:45 PM
Let's look at this from another angle...

Was New FAW™ (FAW3.0) broken/too powerful/whatever-you-want-to-refer-to-it-as? Absolutely, from the supposed (I say 'supposed' because it still is unusually accurate, but that seems to be more related to Beams in general, than, necessarily, FAW itself) Accuracy bug, to the excessive volume of firepower, it was blatantly obvious that a fix/tweak/nerf (or, if you prefer, NERF :p ) was necessary.

The list of proposed fixes was as long as it was varied... The chosen "fix"... Reducing the up-time...

So, instead of actually fixing the 'mechanics' that made FAW broken, the "fix" was to just make it so it happens slightly less often... While, at the same time, actually reducing FAW's effectiveness for what it is supposed to be utilized to do, which is to clear spam and provide slight-to-moderate pressure damage to multiple targets.

Why is it:
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran
It is apparently now so OP that nobody uses it as well
Because the problems that made it OP in the first place were not addressed, simply by a slight reduction in up-time. Taking a broken mechanic and making it so that you can use it a little less frequently is barely a band-aid, let alone a "fix" that solves the underlying problem.


Oh, and if there are "a lot of [so-called] better players who stay in the shadows," then they should get off their high horses and rather than 'think' that they understand the game better than anyone, they should join in regular PvP, join in the Community discussions, and try to help the Devs to steer the game in that "better" direction by offering constructive feedback and criticism. Everyone can be an armchair general or Monday morning quarterback, but unless they are the ones actually playing the game, their opinions will only ever be just that.