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08-30-2011, 02:33 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
I don't think it is. A healing oriented cruiser now has middle of the pack damage chaining two copies of FAW, even running full weapons power.

Sure, you can still get some pretty big output in a properly set up tactical cruiser, but that's what the point of flying a tactical cruiser should be in the first place: increased damage over time at the expense of burst.

There might be a couple of non-balance related issues left, but the actual balance seems good now. In fact, I'm starting to see more and more people returning to spam as a means to assert control.
I think what the QEW people are saying is that, no, a single DPS cruiser spamming FAW isnt a huge concern, sure.. They get a comparatively huge damageboost, but a good deal of that damage is "wasted" in that each beams bonus attack, hits completely random targets.. 8 FAW beams bonus attacks spread between 5-30 targets (ships, pets, mines) and is watered down enough that it is irrelevant.

The problem arise when a 5 man team flying specialized FAW ships.

I made a comparison in a old FAW thread, and it went something like this:

5v5 team, one with FAW and one "normal" - Each focusing on one target.

FAW team will hit their focustarget with 5x 6-8 beams plus debuffs. - They will also spread the bonusattacks from the 5x 6-8 beams between the 5 enemy targets..

Each enemy ship *not targetted* will on average take full damage from one enemy ship (and thus lose shields/hull and use selfheals) - Mines and photonics are cleared instantly, only fleetsupport ships and Carrier frigates will suck up significant enemy fire.

Normal team will hit their focustarget with the weapons of 5 ships, the remaining FAW ships will take little to no damage.

FAW team can focusheal, while the normal team have to keep an eye on all teammembers.

Now, this is the interesting part.

If a FAW ship die, the "normal" teams damage will remain the same; 5 ships focusing on one enemy ship - With the heals of the 4 remaining FAW ships going to this target.

If a normal ship die, the average damage off the FAW teams non-focus target will increase by ~20%
If a second ship die, the average damage off the FAW teams non-focus target will increase by ~40%
3rd ship and you have ~60% more.

The FAW team doesnt drop in DPS when they select a friendly target for heals.

1 FAW ship isnt a huge problem, 5 FAW ships are. Atleast in theory.. The latest change might have enough of an effect, but 10 seconds of 240% damage is still more than any other DPS buff.