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08-30-2011, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
I'm in the process of finding the skill points to have Beams ranked out on my tac cruiser, without losing my cannon ranks, I'm going to need some volunteers to roll FAW with me though. (It will have to be Klinkside) Five seconds of uptime isn't going to change the output while it's up and the accuracy fix isn't going to change much either.
I think 5 seconds can make quite a difference. Otherwise we could argue that Cannon Rapid Fire would still be useful with a 5 second duration!

The uptime is very important for the DPS boosting powers. Win at Will was pressure turned into spike damage, basically. It was so much damage over time that your heals over time couldn't deal with it. The only hope was to find a way to kill your enemy even quicker. (Which probably required unevenly skilled teams in the first place, an excellent team managing heals and spikes well, and a mediocre team just good at rotating BFAW but unable to deal with spikes.)

But take out 5 seconds of that presure, and you might suddenly have a managable level, somethnig once again only enough to set up a spike attack.