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08-30-2011, 05:40 AM
It's just occured to me that people trying PVP late in their "toon's" career may be a problem.

Consider low level PVP, you've got say a T2 connie, you've got very few powers to allocate, very few to counter, and you've got plenty of time to learn basics like teamwork, shield balancing, and positioning etc.
In contrast, if you jump in at VA, you've got a plethora of powers to chose from, and even more you'll likely have to counter in some manner. With more than just a few fundamental powers to pick from, a new PVPer could suddenly find themselves in a "where do I start first?" sort of situation.

Now, call me crazy if you want, but what if there was PVP-XP? And your character had a seperate "level" in PVP, it could go up quite quickly to avoid horrid grind, but your VA would start PVP at Lieutenant level, so you'd dust off your Sabre or your Connie or whatever, and learn the basics first. Then when you had enough PVP XP you'd be able to PVP at Commander, then Captain, and so on and so forth etc. I think this would ease the learning curve a tremendous ammount, it'd be far less overwhelming.

There IS an obvious problem with queues involved, but it's no different to the problems people face whilst leveling anyway, and could in fact serve to improve the low to mid level PVP queues if more people end up queueing up.