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08-30-2011, 07:57 AM
I'll see if it's what I tested on Tribble. If it is, I should just copy and paste everything I said in opvp when I was on trib those couple days :p

In any case I'll break the skill down, and what it's useful for in this post after I do some heavy pvping with it.
Initial Impression: 8/31/2011

I haven't tried this in a team fully built around it yet (will be tonight at some point). However my initial impressions.

I was able to keep up with MT all night last night while using it, even on single targets. I wouldn't say it's damage is that much lower than a High Yield strike's. I'd often throw it, even if my primary target had shields up, on the off chance that one of the other targets nearby didn't have shields in the way. Sometimes it resulted in hilarious numbers like 20k popping up on the edge of my screen.

For spam clearing, I have to admit, it's phenomenal. With the way my Torp spread ship is set up, it can annihilate spam left right and center, and still score very high damage on my original target.

Is it broken? Against people that can't shield tank? Oh most definitely. However if even a sliver of shields get in the way, it has as much effect as high yield does. Infact I'd be willing to say the skill is probably abit OP in general due to the really high damage numbers I've been able to throw, consistently even with Resists etc out there, however right now at least it seems balanced by combination of Firing Arc limitations, and Shields, resists etc. It sure doesn't -feel- like I'm only doing 85 percent of HY's damage though.

And there's a bug with the skill, I can load up a High Yield right after it due to it not triggering full cool down of torps afterwards.

Even in a team built around it, I don't see this becoming easily abused though. CPB requires your team to get the midst of the enemies to get a full drain going. Tachyon beam is single target. But we'll see tonight.