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08-30-2011, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by SelorKiith View Post
Ehr... if you want to blow things up don't play a Science Officer?!
Prior to season 4, science officers were quite capable of doing a lot of effective burst damage, because they were capable of creating exploit opportunities very effectively.

So you know, a lot of people who were tuned to ground combat prior to S4 are probably going to find these changes frustrating, much like the OP.

I Love my Sci Main... all the beautiful debuffs and kits, I am there to make the enemy weaker and to heal my comrades not to play rambo and run directly into the enemy, I stay back with an evil laugh while the enemies get crushed in my gravimetric shift!
Truthfully, ground combat is currently at a point where much of my science captain's powers are too slow to use in the actual combat. So I end up being extremely effective at shooting things repeatedly and then helping teammates or my away team recover between clusters of enemies.