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08-30-2011, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by ShinobiDragoon View Post
I still think this would cause more issues than it would empower the TCD. Also, while this isn't necessarily true of Tricobalts in terms of canon, a Photon Torpedo requires at least 1.2 seconds after launch before it is effectively "armed" (matter/antimatter reaction is ready). In order to prevent other AoEs from just detonating a TCD just as it's launched, maybe a warhead timer could be introduced with this. This kind of thing even exists today with naval vessel torpedoes, and can be overridden for close range (basically for game-play, ignore the timer if it impacts the target).
You already convinced me in your initial post... No friendly fire needed.

I was under the impression that the 10km range only applied to the initial launch, and torpedoes pursued the target until impact/miss, but I'll admit I haven't messed around much with Plasma/TCDs so I'm uncertain. In any case, Plasma torpedoes do dissipate (based on info from Memory Alpha, from TOS Balance of Terror). TCDs being used as ship-to-ship weapons is already silly (they're capable of subspace distortions under certain conditions), so I don't see a problem with an autodestruct at this point. I'm sure the Klingon players would prefer a torpedo autodestructed once the target was under full cloak as well.
True... subspace damaging weapons are supposed to be banned under several treaties as well.

And yes, plasma torpedoes do dissipate as they travel due to their magnetic bubble gradually expanding as it weakens. However, plasma torpedo kinetic damage potential will be near full strength for the first few seconds after launch.

In a nut-shell, torpedo shoot down detonations should be present in game. This will help destructable torpedoes regain value in a battle-field dominated by FAW-spam.

EDIT: if you want to see destructable torpedo detonations when the projectile is destroyed mid-flight, then please sign this thread to show the devs that you are interested in this idea. Otherwise this thread will quickly be forgotten.