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08-30-2011, 10:00 AM
The Dreadnaught is still a bit under appreciated when it comes to abilities in STO. I mean it's the DREADNAUGHT. Every dreadnaught ship in the game takes 5 other ships ganging up on it to take down. Gorn Mine Field for example. That sucker is made of solid nutronium, I swear it is. Any Dreadnaught in the game or carrier ship is a freak of impossible nature. A Federation Dreadnaught alone with any of those, tanked, DPS or a balance of both is no match for them.

I'd recommend the following ship changes to the Fed Dreadnaught.

1. 3 Tactical console slots. It shares the Assault Cruiser skill and they got 3.
2. 1 Ensign and 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical Bridge officer assignments.
3. Maneuverability needs to be improved, how about a built in Aux to Inertial Dampeners 1.
4. Compensation for built in A2ID, 2 Minute cool down for Cloaking Device.
5. Phaser lance from the TV show is different, needs to fire 3 shots, reduce damage to original power output to it's previous version and just have it fire 3. Should accomplish around the same thing, this is just for visual accuracy.
6. Hull needs to be increased from 39000 to 42000. It's the freaking Dreadnaught. Enough said... it's suppose to be THE most powerful and most heavily armored ship the Federation has. Make it so!
7. Crew compliment should be reduced to 950. It's not a Galaxy anymore. It's a war ship, not a family ship. I know this takes away from Hull repair speed, but the built in Aux to ID makes up for this by boosting alive crew resistance and recovery. The only thing you are really gaining is the temporary boost in turn rate.
8. Remove the ability to equip Dual Heavy Cannons. allow it regular dual cannons and it's lower powered brothers.
9. Boost Dual Beam Banks and only Dual Beam Banks not single arrays by +5.
10. Double the Cryptic points cost for it. It's way too cheap and it's stats mirror it's price.

Originally Posted by Raketh
Best tanking ship for Feds is the Star Cruiser, hands down. Not only can you be a pain in the backside to kill, but actually heal others whilst taking a beating! If you want to know my Star Cruiser tank setup, let me know... but since this is a Dreadnaught thread...
I would love to see what you got for a setup.