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08-30-2011, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Beagles View Post
The only thing that could potentially be devastating is having a large number of torp spread IIIs (but then youre stuck with no healers/support). On its own, it is not worth taking. Even with three torp consoles + TS III, the quantums couldnt kill photonic fleets in one shot. Enemies with any shields were not affected at all.
If I understand it correctly, Torpedo Spread III would hit 9 targets? I don't think you really need that much.

My impression is, though, that it works differently than HYT in that each target is hit with a single damage effect. This might have.... "interesting" consequences with critical hits. With HYT, a critical hit is most likely to affect only a part of the increased damage.

PvE enemies at Elite level seem to have increased crtical hit chances, and it has always been so that Torpedo Spread and Heavy Torpedoes are particularly dangerous there - simply because it was a single high damage effect with a good chance to crit. (That potentially also ignors kinetic damage resistance from shields, if I can believe some reports.)

Is the bug still in it that causes Torpedo Spread only to trigger the shared cooldown?