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08-30-2011, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Raketh
Best tanking ship for Feds is the Star Cruiser, hands down. Not only can you be a pain in the backside to kill, but actually heal others whilst taking a beating! If you want to know my Star Cruiser tank setup, let me know...
my Starcrusier = our fleet's mothership.

Which would include it as YOUR mothership as well seeing how your from my fleet.

Starcrusier = Tank / Healing = extra sci station
Assault = Tanking / DPS = Extra Tact station, also has better EPS transfer... <-- i think its a bug.
Galaxy Dred = Flying Coffin.. <--- sorry these guys pop too easy if spec'd for DPS... if ur tank dred.. then you suck at DPS.

Sorry, but it is a flying coffin... you get 1 arc... after that, an escort will play ring around the rosie with you, and if its a MVAM, your straight up screwed.