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08-30-2011, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
Why pay real money for a ship that you can get for free at end game? :/
The intrepid retrofit IS purchasable in the C Store, My decision to purchase the ship, rather than get it for free, is really not the issue and I don't care to justify or debate my purchasing decisions.

Suffice it to say, I did, the tier 4 model has CapnLogan's most recent fixes on it.
I'm asking to get those same fixes as on the model I payed for as well.

Originally Posted by Sprint01
That being said, I do believe this hull material was reserved for the 1701-F. I think the Intrepid was just a teaser. Deep breaths everyone
You can tease it on the T5 version just as well. This just seems silly

If we must live with the C store, and if it is a necessary evil for the better of the game, Fine, I can live with that. I'll continue to support the game through my purchases.
I just would like to see the fixes applied to the one I purchased as well. I'm a good C store customer, I don't think asking for the updates to be applied on my T5 model as well , is being unreasonable.

For all I know, this might even be an oversight, or a bug.

CapnLogan does a great job, he spent time and resources to improve upon this model, to make it more accurate.

Please guys Can I have those fixes on my T5 version as well?