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08-30-2011, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Prior to season 4, science officers were quite capable of doing a lot of effective burst damage, because they were capable of creating exploit opportunities very effectively.

So you know, a lot of people who were tuned to ground combat prior to S4 are probably going to find these changes frustrating, much like the OP.
For a Science player (like me) I still find Expose/ Exploit to be very valuable against other players, especially against a good Science player as it's the only way to deal enough burst damage before they can heal themselves again. It's useful against a Tac as well but against heal heavy Sci and Eng it's invaluable.

Truthfully, ground combat is currently at a point where much of my science captain's powers are too slow to use in the actual combat. So I end up being extremely effective at shooting things repeatedly and then helping teammates or my away team recover between clusters of enemies.
I find the Science captain powers are easily as useful as anything a Tac can bring along and in some cases are even more useful. The only Science captain skill that's not too great is Dampening Field but that's more because it's very situational rather than it isn't very good.