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08-30-2011, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
Hmm... you should have your friend FRAPs it and put it on youtube... otherwise I would have to be skeptical about this picture.

I mean that doesn't look like the orange foundry screen... I think more proof is needed OP. just Fraps 30 seconds of it with the free version and upload it to youtube.
I could ask him to do that, in fact the screenshot was taken with fraps, he told me. And while I fully understand the scepticism about the picture (it doesn't show all that much after all indeed), I don't want to bother him with more "work".
I sent him the link to this topic (he made the screenshot specifically for this), and if he wants to do the fraps, i am more than happy to edit in the link for him (I want to keep him annonymous for obvious reasons).
But either way, and with no offence intended, I have no interest in "proving" things. I am pointing out the findings for those who are interested. Doubters will doubt no matter what and others won't.

We will see if my friend is interested in pursuing this further though.