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08-30-2011, 01:24 PM
Im really happy with most of the game to be sure, otherwise I would not be playing this anymore I find lots of things annoying especialy endless healing cycles and I dont really like snb much myself I think its abit cheesy when its used atleast in one vs one, but In general sure there is lots they can do let players rearrange buffs to what is most important to them, different tweeks to many different abilitys that we have suggested seems alright, I want a general nerf to healing skills. Let players customize the ui """"just the looks"""". Fire at will is too easy to use frankly anyone who got a beam cruiser can use it everytime there is no drawback.

Click and do more dmg to everyone at one exactly what you want when your about sustained damage who dont kill that much anyhow. I hate the "all Cruiser team" 3 cruisers and two science ships, that tsi played and perfected after we lost to 7th core back in june 2010, simple strategy outheal your opponnents and outspam them burst dps with the science in combo with two specific dps cruiser builds.

I've used faw before and I thought it was too good when I ran dbbx4escort after awhile.

Anyhow I think what faw should do its to improve dmg surely why not make it +20% same uptime as now 10/30 15 reuse .... so its 10 --15--10 --15.. but decrease accuracy to 75%, to make targets that move fast become a problem, then mines, objects and players who are not moving recive the huge damage but you become less good at doing sustained damage because of greater miss rate.