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08-30-2011, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by TFO-OptimusPrime View Post
I haven't logged on recently or used the T4 intrepid since I'm a VA and usually in either my D'Kyr or Nebula. What changes were made to the T4 and not T5?
Well for starters, the shuttle markings leading up to the shuttle bay were added. The hull around the shuttle bay was reshaped.

On the underside of the saucer, lights were added to where they were supposed to be, (in the recessed bit). The ship's name was removed, (only the registry should be on the bottom).

The extra glow on the nacelles, (the bussard exhausts) was removed.

And a completely new hull texture was added in the ship customization options.

Admittedly the changes seem slight, and don't go far enough to "fix" the model, imo, particularly on the underside of the saucer, BUT, These changes are some of the ones I myself, (and others), have been asking for on the forums for quite some time now.
And they do take the model closer to what it should look like. So one could argue they are improvements and therefore should be made to both models.
So I'm asking again, please apply these changes to the T5 model too.
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lol word. Here's some fixes.