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08-30-2011, 01:52 PM
Dreadnought and Tank is kinda oxymoron. Galaxy-X is unique cruiser because it has the potential for superb burst. Trying to make something else out of the ship will fail. The reason most people flying Galaxy-X are "epic fail" is becase 1) they try to play it as normal cruiser 2) they are not used to slow turning ships and cannot adjust the playstyle for it.

There is nothing wrong with DHC on Galaxy.X, you just have to keep the limited arc in mind when you pick your bridge offiers and gear.

So to OP, if you want to be tank in spectaror mode, pick either star cruiser or galaxy refit. but regardless your choices, skill up phaser weapons for god sake, without those skills you gimp your self by like 40% dps....