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08-30-2011, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
If this is the case I guess SS really isn't a good counter since most Sci Ships will carry at least one ST.

Maybe when I come back I can outfit the B'Rel-R with multiple LOLSpread 3.
It's really not in the same league with the old new FAW, if that's what you're thinking. It's a good skill on a science ship, but I'm not sure I'd want it on anything that can do serious damage.

It works on science ships because they don't have enough energy weapons to beat down shield the normal way anyway, and they often run low weapon power with high Aux, so FAW doesn't work very well for them. But Torp Spread seems to do a little more damage against single targets while giving a bit of AOE damage.

FAW is still a far more effective AOE, but not every ship can use FAW effectively -- a 3-beam 3-torp Intrepid-R can still use Torp Spread. Combined with a shield stripper build it is pretty effective, but not monstrously so.

Part of what made FAW so bad is that all you needed was for most of a team to carry a copy or two of it. To make Torp Spread effective you need some other way to strip shields. A sci ship with CPB can do it, but CBP needs you to be in the middle of your enemies, while Torp Spread needs you to have them all in a 90 arc front or rear -- it's not impossible to do solo, but it takes set-up or teamwork.

It's not nearly the same problem as FAW.