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# 1 Torpedo Spread Update
08-30-2011, 03:05 PM
I have a few questions based on the recent Torpedo Spread update that took place in today's patch...

■ Significantly increased damage - damage is 85% of the equivalent ranked High Yield torpedo.

- Does anyone know what the Torpedo Spread's damage percentage was in comparison to the High Yield Torpedo's damage, prior to this update?

■ Spread hits 3, 6 or 9 targets (depending on rank).

- Does this mean the number of torpedoes fired from your ship when you use the Torpedo Spread ability?

■ Modified fx so each hit target is hit by a projectile.

- Previously, using Torpedo Spread meant firing about 3 torpedoes that exploded in space causing 'Area of Effect' damage to any enemy ships nearby. Does this mean that Torpedo Spread involves torpedoes actually hitting an enemy's hull, like with High Yield Torpedoes?

■ The effect has been updated so each target gets its own spread of torpedoes.

- This confuses me. Previously, you could only target 1 enemy with the Torpedo Spread, and the 3 torpedoes fired in the spread would explode near that enemy's ship. Do the torpedoes in Torpedo Spread now select their own targets randomly like with Beam Fire At Will for phasers, and then fire multiple torpedoes hitting multiple enemy hulls?