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08-30-2011, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by DarkNovaSC View Post
For escorts (Fleet Escort excepted) with only the two Engineering slots to play with, do you believe the utility of Engineering Team 1 would generally be outweighed by the shield benefits from having two copies of EPtS outlined above?
with the fleet escort i would absolutely suggest 2 copies of EPtS 1, and ether ET 2 or aux to struc 1. probably aux to struc 1, then you wouldn't have to dump skill points in hull repair and the other skills that boost it. make sure you have a HE and plenty of aux batteries and you should be plenty sturdy.

for the other escorts, if i wasn't going to have both skills be EPtS i would have the LT power be aux to struc 1 again because the skill point investment to fully buff the power is so much less. id personally just rely on HE for hull heals if i was flying the other escort.