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08-31-2011, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by Stegi
Its funny how everyone knows its broken and how bad it is but yet all of your guys fleeties use it. I see SOB, TSI, QEW, 7th Core, 528th, 3rd, LF, Lore, and many more and itstead of decreasing it it shows up increased.
Its amazing to me when you get thanked by pugs or other people after a match when in with a premade for not using SS. Guess what the game does work without it quiet nicely. But when i read these awesome Tournament rules where SS3 is forbidden but SS2 and 1 is ok to use makes me just laugh.

What do you see in PVP now days ? Plenty of Science, plenty of SS and you guys wonder why the PVP community is decreasing in numbers and why people don't play PVP anymore. Because they are sick of getting scrambled to death comined with subnukes and other spam. Good thing it really doesn't concern me anymore because very soon my sub is out an i m gone well actually our 25member fleet will be gone from the game but thats a different story.

PVP used to be endgame and a challenge but its not anymore. Its just spam, science, double shields, bugged ships, people who use like 2 or 3 HE's at the same time without any support with in 20km range. Yeah I m sure Cryptic will fix all that.

Same thing with the Rhode Island how many people where complaining about it and now i see those people or their fleeties using it.
I concur wholeheartedly. The state of PvP is largely the fault of the "PvP'ers". I put that in quotes, because these are the guys who will gladly stack all the broken powers 10 deep and then complain about the ones that are not broken, here on the forum board.

As a lifer, I still sit and watch from the shadows, hoping that the Perfect World acquisition of Cryptic will be a driving force to fix the almost completely ignored issues in PvP, from broken powers to lack of maps. Frankly, it disheartens me when my fleet mates use many of these broken powers, as I think we should be above that.

When the last iteration of FAW was clearly OP and out of control,.. I did not use it. I made very sure that it was NEVER on my bar. Now that it is fixed, it is back again, for those times I go into a focused healing/spam removal function in a team battle.

The same thing goes for my science ships. Heck, when flying those I hate using SNB, as I feel it is a bit over the top as well. Also you will never catch me using SS at any time.. ever. If the issues are ironed out, then I will be happy to use that one as well.

But you are pretty much dead on, Stegi. It is largely the community that is to blame for driving out those who want solid, legit PvP,..and discouraging those new to the field of battle from ever returning. That leaves just the "king" flies buzzing around the PvP horse apple.