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08-31-2011, 12:32 AM
Starfleet Experimentation
by Bazag

Synposis: The U.S.S. Toledo has been experimenting around with a new "Substance" that can shift phase at will. It's up to you and your crew to see what's going on with this interesting new stuff, and see if it presents a danger to Starfleet, not to mention your own ship.

Story > 4 / 5
Not really explained that I caught about why the Toledo was in the distorted space. Was the fizzle effect really necessary? It does create mystery when the ship was destroyed, but it does seem random and sudden.
Having to catch the substance like it was a life form was pretty interesting.
On the short side plot-wise.

Look&Feel > 3.5 / 5
Might have been nice to see uniform custom uniforms on board the Toledo.
Jumping puzzle to get to the crates was neat and fresh
Unfortunately no way to re-research the effects on the substance so I had to guess or re read through NPC dialog. The tree with the science officer to control it is cool though.
Always dangerous to show your own ship insides and crew, but its limiting enough to work in this instance for the most part.

Tech > 3.5 / 5
Instead of having the dialog end when I failed with the science officer, having it loop to the begnning might feel better. Otherwise, standard solid stuff.

Difficulty > 3.5 / 5
Pretty simple non combat mission, nothing to report here. Only difficult aspect was remembering the puzzle.

OVERALL RATING > 4 Stars / 5

Some innovative ideas and plot pull in a solid score for this mission that has you tracking down what could conceivably be some kind of new life form. Looking forward to Part II.

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