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08-31-2011, 01:06 AM
I'd prefer that teams I'm on have no scramble/mines/other crap. Sure if we meet another team with all that stuff we'd likely be in for a hard time, but if our team had all that crap too it's still not gonna make the match fun to play. It would give the other team a harder time and we'd have a better chance of getting the W, but I'd still be disgusted after the match. Even in fun interfleet matches people use it sometimes and I think to myself hey aren't we trying to have FUN here? . Ah well just my view anyway, I can't tell others/teammates/fleetmates what to use.

As for OPVP tourney rules, I'd rather have to blast through 5 tac teams then not being able to blast at all cause my weapons won't fire at my target.