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08-31-2011, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by Dimitris_Botonis
I generally agree with Raketh on this post, except the Beam Overload on a Dreadnaught. It has a shared cooldown with the Lance, so you would be giving up a lot of firepower. I'd go for both HYT 1 and HYT 2 for the Lt Tac slot: It allows you to fire a steady stream of torpedoes. When you decloak and fire an alpha strike, along with the Lance, and if you run your weapon power to 125, you'll have a spike damage approaching that of an escort (almost, and I said approaching! Don't flame me!)
Why flame ? it is even greater spike, especially if you are tactical and crit...

My preferred combination on Galaxy-X is..


Although I'm thinking of trading TT1 for some subsystem targeting (engine/aux). But that would require from me investment in some more tanking, and I'm not quite ready for that...yet