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# 9 I find this current way to be...
08-31-2011, 02:12 AM
I find this current way to be shady.

Where you may think it is a good thing to remove the tickets from the customer ticket tool to "spare the customer the need to have a queue filled up". That in itself is a problem that needs to be addressed by the staff.

If they would not release the patches with a high number of obvious bugs to the main server, people would not need to report them.

I do not think it is being done to spare the customer. I think it is being done to hide the true count of the turn around time of these bugs being reported.

When a company is three levels removed from the customer it is doomed for failure. Also, it is kind of convenient to internally make all those bug reports go away when another company is looking to purchase your company.

You know, in real estate, it is a tell-tell sign an apartment complex is looking to sell when they make many cosmetic changes to the facility. Not that there are any sustenance to the improvements, but as long as it looks like it is being improved is the goal.

This all seems shady.