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# 1 Rise of Darkness parts 1 and 2
08-31-2011, 10:26 AM
After an incredibly long wait, Rise of Darkness pt. 1 (remastered) and Rise of Darkness pt. 2 have now been released together on the Foundry. Thanks for everyone's comments and support on Tribble about part 1. Hopefully you'll enjoy the second part as well.

You can view the trailer for the missions here:

Part 1:
Your search for survivors from the missing USS Venture brings you into contact with a reclusive race that fought a long war against the Sheliak Corporate. While attempting to rescue the Venture's crew, a mystery unfolds surrounding the aliens and the return of an ancient race that aims to destroy all life in the galaxy.

Part 2:
In a race against time that takes you everywhere from an elite Starfleet installation to inside a damaged warp nacelle, you must unlock the key to stopping the mysterious J'thoz before they manage to invade the Federation.

Known Issues:
STO still hasn't fixed a bug that causes Away Team BOFFs to fall through floors randomly and/or get caught on terrain. I know they'll get to it eventually, but for now this bug should not actually effect any ground combat areas. If there are any other bugs that you notice, please let me know!