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08-31-2011, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by Suiadan
Canon-wise the Visor is now obsolete and wouldn't be used as it caused pain. I don't see the eye-patch being used either as Klingons keep scars and missing eyes as the mark of a warrior but not Federation members. A Klingon Fed officer could use it and maybe a mercenary character but personally it doesn't fit any of my characters. I don't like the uniform either but I'm a mostly Fed player so I'm not the target audience.
There may be a reason for wearing an eyepatch, kirk for example had to wear glasses because he was allergic to the cure for his handicap.

I would buy the Pack myself for two or three charactes, but since nearly all slots(BO/Ship/Inventory/Bank) are still per character i'll still boycott further c-point purchases.