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08-31-2011, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by Dalamarth View Post
Hey all! I'm looking for a Cruiser build that I can use for PvP that won't suck in PvE. I'm probably gonna go Star Cruiser (the one with extra Science, not extra Tac) and am primarily looking for Boff power configurations. Show me what you've got!
A starcrusier is meant to do an endurance run with PvE.

A Assult crusier is better at DPS because it has an extra Tac + faster EPS transfer.

Lesson 1 in starcrusier design.

1. Your either a super massive heal bot with very little DPS <--- 90% of all the well built PVP SC's.
2. Your a GIMP SC which is trying to be an assault crusier but aint <---- 10% that fail at making an SC.