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08-31-2011, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
I had thought about another special ability for the Guramba to justify it, and its use in PvP. An ability that is mostly PvP only in usefulness. Basicly an ability that when triggered, prompts teamed allies with a "hit F to accept" pop up (that would cause decloak you'll see why). If accepted the teamed ally's ship would transfer their current weapon power to the Guramba (ala, EPS Power Flow Engineer Super Saiyan Ability) This would amp up the Guramba's weapon power and insta-charge the javelin. The more people who transfer, the more powerful the weapon power setting (via a +yadda yadda to energy attack power proc) allowing for a more powerful Javelin attack with more support ships.

Upside: Insta charge, Insta fire, Extra damage, Over piercing (can hit more than one target)
Downside: After firing Guramba's weapon power is drained, must re-transform and build power back up. Allies who transfered power lose weapon power and must build power back up. essentially, temporarily unable to fire.
I really like that Idea, only problem i could see with it would be getting others to help u charge the javelin.