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08-31-2011, 02:34 PM
Thought my game was bugged or something.

Count me in on this one.

Ground gear, space gear, and iirc even things like hypos were showing some high values and or low values for the item type and level.

This was my personal inventory, did not do any real testing of my bank to see if the items there were showing above or below normal values.

This happened last night, if it happens again today will try to remember to ticket the issue or drop an update here.

Edit: 3:34 pm forum time.
Just got on and I still have the issue.
Personal inventory.

24k hypo (value of the hypo, not number of hypos.)
10k+ sniper shot dmg for a rank X antiproton purple sniper rifle.

That is just a couple items, believe my kits are even showing some high values such as a kit I have in my inventory is showing a value of over 7k for triage 3 on a mark IX science kit.

Yes, my equipped values are normalised, my inventory non-equipped items for several things in my inventory are not normal values.

Just filed a ticket on this issue: # 1,192,198.