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09-01-2011, 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
The fact is that Capture & Hold is fun to people because it's not _just_ an Arena. The flaw is that part of the fun requires one part of the players ignoring the actual objective, and others following it. If everyone ignored it, it was just a giant Arena, and wouldn't be fun, because you had all the standard giant fedball tactics.

The Capture & Hold mechanic needs an overhaul.
I agree.

Perhaps if every base that was captured provided a different bonus to the team that controlled it.

For example: More shields, More speed, More accuracy, More healing and whatnot

Also, one a base is "captured" defenses should spawn. These defenses would need to be taken out, BEFORE the base could be flipped. This would prevent that run-by flipping and add additional strategy to the game.

Finally... make it so that the losing team gets.. NOTHING. That involves daily's as well, to a degree. If you want your daily 3.. win or get .5 credits toward your daily 3. That would take it 6 rounds instead of the 3. This might discourage some of the AFK'ers a bit, because of the extra time they would have to invest.

These are just spitball ideas..nothing really deeply explored..but it could be better.