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09-01-2011, 03:13 AM
Operation Longshot
Author: Saviordd5

Synopsis: Starfleet and Section 31 want to send you in via a secret base in order to kill a high ranking Klingon, but he's not going to make it easy for you.

Story > 3.5 / 5
Enjoyed initial setup of intrigue and backstabbing.
Why involve section 31 right off the bat - they're very secret. Just as easily call it starfleet intelligence.
No explanation as to why there are Klingon boarders when there's a whole fleet outside the ship??
The cackling villian bit by the Klingon guy was classic, in a good way.
Good opener to a multi-part mission

Look&Feel > 2.5 / 5
Accept dialog could use some story elements. There's a guy there telling you why you're accepting the mission. Have him say stuff! Work it in to the opening dialog.
"Send the location and we'll get there" in opening dialog - the guy tells you right in the first dialog where to go.
A few capitalization and spelling problems throughout.
Like the personality of K. Very good intelligence agent.
Midnight could have used more damage than just a couple fires.
Loved that some of the boarding Klingons spoke Klingon!
Very empty rooms on board the Midnight - put in some more objects to make it feel more organic.
Vary up the Y axis on the debris and Klingon ships after beaming up from the planet for a better effect. Actually this could be attributed throughout.

Tech > 2.5 / 5
UGC contacts on the bridge of the midnight. Name those guys!
Good trigger based explosions, etc.
Nothing else serious jumped out at me here.

Difficulty > 3 / 5
Most battles easy, but died to Dahar master in engineering and the dahar master on the Klingon base.
Liked the difficulty of the last space battle! Almost died on Normal but ended up making it.

OVERALL RATING > 3 stars / 5
A good effort, with a solid story and a few bits of challenging fun combat that hinder the overall experience, but not enough to make me not want to hunt down that Klingon ******* in the doubtlessly upcoming part 2.

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