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09-01-2011, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by gsquaredncnp
Exactly. Stock AE with the MV console or the MVAM you actually get from the C-Store. I like the LtC tac, but I love TSS3 that you can get with the MVAM. She becomes a massive shield tank with EptS, TSS3 and Sci tea 2.

BUT it's nice to have 2 copies of CRF, 2 BOs, 1 TT, AP:O and AP:B or D.
That's a very good analysis.... I prefer the MVAM from the C-store...and like many, it's because of the abilities granted by having a Lt. Commander for science. This gives my ship 3 abilities which,, if I use the Advanced escort, I would not have available to me.
1. Gravity Well
2. Photonic Shockwave
3. (My fav) Viral Matrix

The cool thing is that having only one science officer (instead of the two offered on the Advanced escort) has no bearing on the actual number of science abilities whereas both remain at 3. On top of that, the ability to have a Lt Comm Sci also gives me the flexibility to have an extra higher-level heal too.

The "sacrifice" is on the tactical side where your two tac officers each lose a rank in order to add a third tac officer. From my point of view, I actually don't mind this trade-off at all because I'm not giving up access to any powers exclusive to higher ranks. For example, Torpedo spread (now nice and useful since it's been revamped) can be had at ensign, and regardless of my choice to use it with an ensign tactical, my burst damage still remains quite effective.

Having said all that, I definitely prefer the flexibility of the way I can tweak the MVAM as opposed to the 'slightly more-hard-hitting' Advanced escort. Anyway, the added science abilities generally help me stay alive a little longer, while also proving to be useful to help my teammates deal out more damage as well.