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There had started to be a good discussion on changing/improving Cap & Hold over in the Scramble Sensors thread, so I thought I would give that discussion its own home and open it to other gameplay types, as well.

For existing game-types (Arena and C&H):
  • What about them is done right?
  • What could be added (especially in Arena) to make gameplay more interesting and varied?
  • What changes could be made, aside from added mechanics or objectives, to make the existing game-play types better?
  • Pre-mades vs. PuGs? Separate queues?
  • Rewards? Only for winning? Daily for each game-type?

Other considerations:
  • New game-types?
  • New types of rewards? (PvP-specific)
  • PvE vs. PvP mechanics, should they be separate?
  • Proper response to exploits/broken mechanics?
  • In-game rankings/leaderboards/tournaments?
  • etc.

As always, thanks to everyone that participates in these discussions,