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09-01-2011, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
It's doubtful they'll backstab lifers, since its going F2P, they'll count on every person spending money in the CStore. Lifers still bring in revenue, I've purchased quite a bit of things as it stands.
If they chose to backstab lifers, what could we do? We would have little recourse. If they wanted to screw us there is next to nothing we could do. Complain? Do it enough and I'm sure at some point we would violate a rule or two and get perma banned from the forums and possibly the game. I think its possible. Read the agreement. Will there be a new end user agreement now? And what if I don't like whats being offered? I'm screwed.

Granted, that is a lot of what-ifs. But it could happen. There is nothing keeping them from abusing this. In business, ethics are a what people make of them.