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09-01-2011, 11:50 PM
They work because they are simple duel of skills in inflicting pressure, spikes and using heals and crowd control.
Their flaw is that the "scenery" they are in has no purpose other than window dressing. It is very unlikely to find anyone actually trying to maneuver through the asteroids to avoid damage or surprise an enemy.

Another flaw of the Arena might be that it can lead to very harsh final results. The moment the teams get unbalanced and a single ship is lost, you become very likely to lose more ships. I could see potential for a variant Arena where the map simply resets once a ship is destroyed, spawning both groups at a respective starting point. (SUch a match might do with less kills.)

Capture & Hold
The good aspect of CnH is that people have a reason to use the "scenery". Overall, the mission objectives leads to very dynamic combat encounters.

The flaw is that the dynamic encounters primarily seem to exist because some people ignore the actual objective and don't try to capture anything, while the rest engages in PvP activities.

As a technical flaw I see that the state of the flags is not easy to read, as there is no progress indicator.

Overall I think Capture & Hold is highly flawed and needs a serious rework.

1) Capturing should provide some perk. For example, spawning a small mine field or turret field, and offering some kind of local or map-wide buff. (Local could be some healing effect, map-wide could be a damage or resistance buff, or a considerable stealth sight buff, dependent on the location)

2) Holding should require presence at the capture point. Your capture point might give you map-wide boons when you're not there, but you should only tick the enemy counter down if you stay there. This requires actually defending held points, and requires holding more points than the enemy.

(The resulting mode might be more of a "Capture & Defend" mode)

We all know what is wrong with it. In short, we need a different map with the goal of Open PvP.
Less (Borg) NPCs, better chances for both factions to complete the objective.

New Map Ideas
I would like to see some "assymmetric" maps, where each side has different (and opposing) objectives.

Starbase Assault: One side defends an armed starbase from the other side. The attackers have to disable the station's defenses and beam troops on the starbase. The defenders have to defeat the attackers.

Convoy Escort: This is basically in the works with the Open PvP raids already.

Capture the Flag: Some kind of object must be transported to a target location. It might require tractoring or beaming aboard.

Enhanced Arena
Start with an Arena, but add reasons to fly to the "locations of interest". For example, require kills to be made in certain areas of the map to be counted. Provide benefit for a player that flees into certain areas (increased healing, temporary non-nerfed enhanced battle cloak effects). Maybe random mini-objectives, like "destroy NPC ship", "scan object", "reach location" that each team must complete or lose points.