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Originally Posted by Engraverwilliam View Post
-Can only do certain quest lines?
-Can only get certain ships?
-cant get into certain sectors?
In CO's system, though not everything from CO translates cleanly into STO so until the FAQ is up this is all just educated speculation:

-Sort of: Everything that currently has an existing equivalent in STO, yes. All the open Millennium City stuff, all the missions, comic series (equivalent of our feature series), open missions (equivalent of our fleet actions), crafting are available to free players for free. There are several adventure packs that are C-store for free players (free to subscribers) that are from my understanding something like larger feature series. CO doesn't have an equivalent to the Doff system's alternate advancement paths, but as the active roster is tied to part of your ship "build" I suspect that would be included.
-Yes: CO free players don't have access to all the archetypes and travel powers subscribers do.
-No: CO free players can go everywhere, though of course they can't enter mission maps for adventure packs they don't own. Think of it like being able to fly up to the system in sector space but not having any missions that send you there.

Will the Lifers have access to all content?
In the order of the same questions above:

-Subscribers and lifers get all the C-store missions for free.
-Subscribers and lifers get all the character archetypes for free and have more free travel powers, but not all the travel powers for free. The ones they don't get for free are cosmetic upgrades of ones they do: Free players can fly for free, subscribers can fly and leave a trail of fire for free, both have to pay to be able to turn into a phoenix and fly. All three fly at the same speed, though.
-They can go everywhere.

They also get a stipend of 400 C-points/month as part of the $15/month or lifetime payment, and a good chunk of the C-store costumes for free.