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09-02-2011, 02:33 AM
Hello all, I posted another mission last night and I thought I would make a thread here about it in case anyone has any thoughts on it.

Own Worst Enemy
Lv 41+ (Required... don't play this one teamed with a lower ranked friend!)
Starting location: Tazi System, Sirius Sector Block

Starfleet has a plan to take the fight to the Borg. Your ship has been ordered to Tazi Station in order to get properly outfitted for the mission.
Things get complicated as a new opponent arrives to make things go awry, and your crew quickly discovers that the man obstacle to completing the mission is none other than themselves.

I tried to do some interesting things with dialog spawns that I was afraid of having turned out rather clunky. I'm curious to see what people think about it.

Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated.