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Originally Posted by kidkaboom10000 View Post
the u.s.s. Yager (if you do not know) was spoted in a episode of ds9 the seems to be a hybrid between a intrepid class ship and a maki raider (i know i didnt spell moki right) heres a pic from canon ds9 heres a better pic (model) heres a blueprint
In Lore terms, the Yeager-class was a temporary class built to bolster the number of ships available for the attack on DS9/Terok Nor; there were several other of these hybrid ships and they were constructed of whatever intact hull pieces were available from otherwise destroyed ships and the Yeager just happened to be constructed of the saucer section and nacelles of an Intrepid, with the engine section was a modified Federation Courier vessel.

It really doesn't make a lot of sense to have the ship in the game.