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09-02-2011, 04:25 AM

For the most part I'm just going to parrot Mustrum. The gamestyle itself is fine, but the environments are really lacking. Cracked planet has the best potential with its gas clouds, but they are far too spartan and too near the fringes to be of any use. The asteroids occasionally come in to use, I do use the environment if the opportunity arises, but battle tends to occur above the environmental obstructions/traps. We need many more traps/hazards/cover sites in more opportune areas.

I think an arena map in the badlands would be a great zone for environments. Make the plasma storms do damage in the range of a decent EWP with a snare like GW1, and make them common enough to be strategically useful.

Simply, more diverse maps are needed.


More maps needed, for a start, just 1? Seriously? Bah!

More obvious indicators of capturing progress desperately wanted.

I'd rather not have more deployable objects. Perhaps some kind of virus upload to take over the sites defences and have them fire directly from said base at targets of opportunity.

Bases should require an active presence of a certain minimum number of players in order to be captured. Increase the capture range slightly too perhaps so you have a little more freedom to move and still defend the site.
Bases should grant a passive buff to all players on that side while captured, varying depending on what function the base has. One may enhance sensors and targeting for the team, one may grant a defence and repair boost, another an offence and debuffs the enemy somehow, things like that.

Other gamestyles
There is talk of them bringing on king of the hill. There are surely many more they can bring in that have been discussed among the community before.
Assasin, re-vamped assault, capture the flag, to name but a few.