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09-02-2011, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by Taifuuni
Well I think I am minority here as I think the better solution should have been to up the boss ship for 20+ people.


Well at the moment it feels like FLEET action, that the Starfleet and Klingons are throwing everything they have at the Borg, and it is more in line what the Borg battles where in the TNG series or in the First Contact movie.

When it goes down to five players, it's just another "oh there is Big Scary Borg ship coming we are sending you and 4 others there to stop them, while rest of the Starfleet goes for coffee break."

And I have to say I facepalmed at when I saw "Oh hey these Borg Intercepts net you extra XP ISN't THAT NICE!" announcement, Like this game you had any difficulties of getting XP.
the problem is the same with fleet actions. eventually the novelty will wear off and less people will play them, then they will become impossible to complete if you need 15-20 people.

yes its cool right now, but it wont be for long when you cant get the people together.