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09-02-2011, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by RamblinWreck View Post
So they are making it so that only 5 ships can enter a single encounter. They also have it currently that teams are broken up so you can no longer garauntee 5 Vice Admirals in a single instance. Also VAs will be brought down to lvl 45 in all of the sectors where the borg are at lvl 45. This is so wrong. Borg cubes are hard to kill at every level. Being +6 to the borg boss isnt an advantage especially when there is only 5 ships. Cyrptic can never take the middle road they always have to go to the extremes. And this extreme makes the encounters impossible.
So I get a random team. 1 VA and 4 Cmdrs=Encounter Failed. This is not right. The developers have taken things too far once again. I like a good challenge but I dont like impossible. Once I was seeing the changes in the game with only 5 ships; I did 3 borg encounters and failed all 3 in the time alotted because my random team couldnt defeat the boss in time.
This is wrong and they should at least raise the cap to 10 ships or give us more time. And they need to fix the team issue so I can go in my team mates so i dont have to rely on lt cmdrs.

PLEASE Cryptic I beg you to correct this. Impossible isnt fun.

I havent failed a single encounter sofar, infact it was so easy it was actually possible to do 3 encounters in the same RA (clear 4 groups, kill boss, warp out, retake RA, clear 4 groups, kill boss)

I was in a team with 3 lowbies, and I cleared two of the groups solo (both had 1 Cube, 3 Spheres and 2? Probes) - It took a little longer, but the cube went down like 3 volleys after I decloaked (VA Defiant)..

Please, increase the difficulty.. Currently any decent group can complete it in less than 5 minutes.. No more faceroll, handheld PvE, like the autocomplete that was added because people was incapable of flying their ship through GIANT rings orbitting a planet..