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09-02-2011, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
Reducing our lvls for the encounters won't make things more difficult, just increase the time needed. The only way to increase the difficulty is to make the enemies more intelligent and give them more abilities to use.
finally someone who gets it. Adding more health and dmg to enemies dont make them more challenging just a pain to kill very diffrent in my book. Knocking us down 6 lvls wont change the fact that borg dont use cutting beams or gravimetric torpedos. Some of their hallmark weapons.

New weapons like those would make it more challenging because of the diffrent tactics you would have to use. Cutting beams ripping through hull and draining your crew at same time. Gravimetric torpedos causing gravity wells to crowd controll your team would lead to using diffrent tactics and keeping an eye on your speed.

The new visual and audio updates make it feel MUCH more startrek but so does the fact that 20 people or even 10 people make it feel like a real battle. The borg are INVADING not vactioning in the federation you wouldnt hold back your forces in this case you would nail them head on to hold ground while you come up with a stratigy.

Normally youd fall back and make the enemy take time advancing while saving your forces for counter attack. but borg assimilate meaning the more ground you give up the stronger your enemy becomes. Federation couldnt possibly repel a borg force if it assimilated a lot of its territory.

Im fine with making borg scale and players scale to same level, but i think they should leave the ability for atleast 20 people to join the same RA. Just make the number of borg needed to summon the B'ger go up by 2 for every 5 people past the first 5. So if 5 people are in its the normal 4 groups, if its 20 people its 10 groups. And for the love of god give the borg the cutting beams and torpedos already they were in the show.