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09-02-2011, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
having 15+ ships in one instance isn't fun either, if the Borg dont scale up accordingly
... i was like "oh thanx for letting me shoot at it too!" half of the time -.-

so much for the Borg being scarry *yawn*

Also if it is supposed to be a 5 Player instance, why no auto teaming, like the PvP / PvE queue does?

On the other hand, it's an MMO, you know in MASSIVE?
why not just scale the instance up if more player join in?

If there are 3 teams instead of one, scale the quest up to 12 Borg Mobs and give the Boss 3x the normal Health + 3x Firepower

Anyway, i'd request to put the Borg Cubes and Spheres to Elite difficulty, they pop way to easy.
The Boss ships are fine for 5 or less players, but could use a bit more Firepower, the worst damage i get is if i am to near to the explosion ;P

I died ONCE and did like 15 of them...
and that was because of the instakill V'Ger Torpedo (which i think is cool, just not fast enough, and it need's the V'Ger style sound effect when a ship disappears )

all in all

cool but not challenging enough
got hit by that too but my ship survived got to say it hurt though. and i agree with ya i went in with 3 other people and creamed everything in sight so i agree with cryptic in lowering the ships down to 5.