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09-02-2011, 07:12 AM
Ok I will NOT be doing these anymore. Just pure BS if they don't want to give the VA and Lt. Gen. population a fair shake then I do not see a point to even do these anymore if I am going to be busted down to some level 45. If the lower levels don't like that then maybe they should actually make different instances for all of them and not make them at a set level.

The 5 player limit is another thing that doesn't really bug me. But it does take away the realistic sense of an actual fleet of our own. Borg Cubes are always hard to kill even at VA and if you want to limit the number of people in them and reduce the sense of purpose of these into just a mini deep space fleet action. Then by all means do what you will. I won't be using My Vice Admirals or even my URA for these no point if I am going to be busted down and made weaker, that is just garbage.