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09-02-2011, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by mikey22805
I totally agree with you on this one. Premades shouldnt be in open queues, it creates an unfair advantage, and it cant be fun for premades to steamroll a pug 15-0. I know its not for me when im in a premade, pugs offer no real challenge really
No it is no fun at all for a premade to fight PuGs without a real challenge, you're right.

Personally I've always casted my vote for seperate Arenas, 1 for PuG's, 1 for Premades. But to be honest with the current state of STO, there arent alot of premades lately. LF being one of them, simply because they only hang out in C&H's, and the crap that they are going through atm. (alot of good players left)

And I've heared other fleets having issues as well lol.